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Composing the sound loop for the hide involved trawling though hours of recordings made on 10 recording trips to the River Waveney Centre from March to July. I looked at several ways of grouping these sounds and ended up concluding that the journey I made recording the sounds and getting to know the site was the only way to make sense of the sounds. They needed to be grouped in terms of the time of year, time of day and the prevailing weather. I made 10 sections and then put these into 3 movements for the installation.

I edited them with the wonderful Amadeus software and then mixed them using Digital Performer. I made each section in two stereo mixes, front and back, as I couldn’t be sure of synchronising the stereo sound players (needed to run from battery). Digital performer has the wonderful ability of having as many sequences you like in one project and this made it easy to build the piece in 10 movements and then assemble it. Finally I put it all together in three movements with my voice announcing these so that the audience in the installation could get an idea of where they were in the loop.