Building SoundHide Day 2

Having got the roof on I decided that we had to change the plan. We were going to put straw bales on the roof too. However the roof looked stupid with the bales on and covering with tarps spoilt the look. Inside the plywood roof was giving a horrible echo which I could have predicted if I had thought about it. So we decided the straw would go inside the roof, held in place by material which would deaden the space and reduce the outside noise. The plywood on the roof now had to be extended to cover the bales completely and given some protection to the elements. More plywood was got from Atlantic in Earsham and away we went. The outside grew and grew into a wonderful viable shape that included sheltered seating areas and the inside became beautiful, especially when lit by the light coming through the Thomas the Tank Engine umbrella we used to cover the wheel rim in the centre – a wonderfully serendipitous result. Another 8 hour day and it was done….

IMG_5296 IMG_5300 IMG_5310 IMG_5312