Walking to Newcastle

In preparation for Maker Faire 2009, one evening in the pub the Curiosity Collective consulted Google Maps on the iPhone to determine the route to drive from Ipswich, where we are based, to Newcastle. Google told us to go via Harwich and the Netherlands with two ferries making up the route – it had defaulted to a walking route but presented us with an adventure!

Evidently this is the quickest way to walk from Ipswich to Newcastle. The folly of this suggested to us that we should indeed make this trip for Maker Faire 2010 and that we should take as many of our portable makes with us as we can – especially those which give our curious take on wayfinding, navigation, geographical information, mobile social networking and the like.

Since the walk Google has corrected this ‘bug’ so sadly the route we used is no longer comes up if you do this search on Google Maps but our trace is shown by the icons for tweets, photographs and sounds in the kml overlay. This can be downloaded and superimposed onto Google Earth……