After delaying the build because of all the rain at the end of July we finally went ahead and built the structure on 1st August 2015. Dan Clarke came with his straw bale building expertise and I was helped by Pam, Katie, Sam, Barnaby and Louise (one of the curators).

I took a stop motion video of the build for  SoundHide at the River Waveney Study Centre for the 2015 Sculpture Trail, Waveney and Blyth Arts. The Hide will house a sound installation of the wildlife recordings made at the site over the last 6 months:

We had a fantastic day. Perfect weather. The walls went up by lunchtime and then we had to fit the roof. This was much slower.  First we installed the pole and set a Land Rover rim onto it. The rafters were fed into this and a screw held them in place.

It had involved trigonometry to design the roof so that we could use the sheets of ply cut on the diagonal. With 12 rafters we needed about 2 feet of lift in the middle to reduce the angle at the centre from 30˙ to the 26˙ you get when ripping the ply on the diagonal. Even so each section had to be marked up and cut individually. After a long 10 hour day we got the roof in place.