Two years ago I was part of a team that made Standing Wave, an installation at Snape Maltings that vibrated a shallow tray of water and shone coloured lights onto the surface. The reflections were cast onto a ‘Wave’ of white that sweep out over the water. 

Lunula took the Standing Wave principle to a new dimension. Instead of reflecting light off the surface of water vibrated with sound, this time the light source was luminescent algae in the water giving off the light.

All my life I have been fascinated by the luminescence you get from the sea at night. Walking the Suffolk Coast, sailing the seas all around the British Isles, the dark often revealed a glittering light source in the water.

For Lunula I took a culture of Pyrocystis Lunula obtained from the helpful people at the Scottish Association for Marine Science The initial show had these in a shallow tray suspended over large speakers.

Lunula gave an excellent set of shows on the Friday night of the Dark Show by the Curiosity Collective in Jan 2010 however the show blew up my trusty, ancient Celestion Bass Drivers as the Lunula weren’t going to glow with gentle vibration, they needed agitation and oxygen.

For the LAB Event at Aldeburgh Music in August 2010 I designed a much smaller enclosure to sit directly over a sub-woofer speaker separated by a flexible membrane. This produced the agitation required and gave a good, if violent show.see BLOG

Laboratoire d'Oceanographie de Villefranche (LOV), ZooScan image project